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Monday, 06 July 2020

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About us
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 ALFA-MED d.o.o.


is a company which main business covers the import and distribution of medical equipment and services. For all units and instruments we have excellent quality and certified service.

All our technicians absoulved completed professional courses in manufacturer's factories for maintenance and servicing the equipment that we offer.

Therefore, in addition to equip medical institution with units known for their exceptional precision and superior quality and technology, we participate in the design of work surfaces in clinical centers and hospitals.

The company was founded 2000 today we have cooperations with international leading companies in techniques and sientific standards for OR and hospital equipment.

Competent and fair advice for the customers takes first priority in cooperation with the factories. From a multitude of building blocks, we work out viable concepts jointly with our clients. And we make a point of it to give you maximum decision security on the basis of detailed requirement and cost planning. Our team of specialists offers you first-rate consultation for all new purchases, taking your entire requirements into account to help you make future-proof decisions.


Customer benefits:

-  Efficient long-term solutions

-  Financial planning security

-  Targeted selection from a comprehensive and innovative range of products


Our Specialists support you

The “technicalization” of all OR-related processes is steadily increasing. While new products facilitating OR work are constantly being introduced in the market, their productive use places high demands on user qualifications. It is safe to say that the greater the tool’s sophistication, the greater are the information needs of the user with a view to utilizing the technical resources to the fullest. Besides, there are always new safety guidelines that need to be observed.

Specialists from all medical fields are available to support our customers in utilizing the potential of their new technologies.


Our training topics include:

-  instrument processing

-  proper use of sterilization containers

-  OR safety

-  intraoperative familiarization with new systems


Medical devices are not disposibles.

How good is a medical device without a good after-sales service? Everyone realizes that a car to the preservation need regular servicing. In medical technology it is the same. Maintaining the value and work safely, the medical devices need periodically serviced or partially also calibration. Software updates often provide new features for older devices. We are prepared for the needs and necessities. Our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturers and work closely with them. Then an medical device not a disposable item.